The Importance of Planning Early

It seems foolish to think that the jump in income you get after going into practice can cause a lot of problems, but many of our doctors have said that’s exactly what happened.

In working with several hundred medical residents and fellows as they’ve made the exciting and challenging jump from training to practice, it’s clear to us that the #1 factor in determining the success of this transition is how much time was spent planning for a financial future.

Our clients who began planning while still in residency or fellowship have been more financially successful than those who waited to start until they were in practice. In fact, we are so committed to getting you the assistance you need to pursue financial success that we do not charge you for the consultations and personalized financial strategy development conducted during this important stage in your career.  Complete the form below to request a no-cost consultation and get started on your road to financial independence.

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Source: Stanley, Thomas & Danko, William. The Millionaire Next Door. Marietta, GA, Longstreet Press, 1996.

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    Financial Education

    A large part of educating young physicians come through the lectures we give to medical residency and fellowship programs. Working with medical programs across the state over the past decade, we would be delighted to speak to your program on any of the following topics:

    • Why physicians fail to become financially independent
    • Debt Management
    • Protecting assets from the reach of creditors
    • How to invest for the long run
    • What every doctor needs to know about disability insurance
    • Setting up your team of advisors
    • Choosing your practice
    • Creating a spending plan

    Please call us at 713-973-2231 to discuss how we can improve your program’s value to its young physicians or complete the form below to request a call from one of our staff.

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